Brand Refresh


The Brief

Moving with the times

MKM specialises in loans for those who do not meet the lending criteria of mainstream banks. In 2008, Wills created a distinctive brand for MKM, with some clever brand messaging and graphics, that went straight to the heart of their proactive and common-sense business model. While the core brand elements of the brand were still working well, MKM approached Wills to activate their online brand presence, focusing on their website and eDM campaigns to their broker network.

The Challenge

Packaging up their offer

MKM’s products had been refined over the years, but their marketing of the them hadn’t kept up. A single JPEG ‘ad’ was emailed to brokers each month, and the rudimentary website was static and uninspiring. Wills worked with MKM to understand and group each loan product – its features, benefits, and the borrowers who use it. With no in-house marketing team, it was important that Wills crafted a sustainable solution that was able to be maintained by MKM business development team.

The Solution

Reviving with rich content

Six clearly defined products are at the heart of the new brand communications. These products were then ‘teased-out’ described in different ways, from straight lending criteria, to client types, and multiple borrower scenarios for each. This rich content enlivened the website, and refreshed their direct marketing, with rotating product focus and changing imagery. MKM’s graphic palette was expanded with engaging photography, iconography and dynamic video.