30th Anniversary Profile


The Brief

30 years of impact

Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) is a leader in the field of brain and nervous system research. In 2022 they wanted to mark the occasion of their 30th anniversary with a special edition of their annual Profile document. Built around their Pearl anniversary theme, the Profile would explore the last 30 years of significant impact made by NeuRA and their talented researchers in the field of neuroscience.

The Challenge

In-depth content

NeuRA is a not-for-profit institute, so we were working to a very tight budget while at the same time trying to elevate the design to celebrate NeuRA’s special anniversary milestone. Additionally, the Profile had to capture and celebrate the full range of NeuRA’s diverse research areas; the generational depth of their researchers and the achievements of the last three decades.

The Solution

Insightful and elegant

Custom metallic ink was chosen to provide a celebratory design cue throughout the report and to reflect the Pearl theme. An element from the logo was used as striking connecting device on the front cover. Photo shoots were held depicting established and emerging researchers in interesting locations in and around the NeuRA building. Historical photos were sourced and used through the Profile and within a carefully crafted double page timeline spread.