The Brief

Make a change, make a difference

When Trish Langsford tragically lost her battle with Multiple Sclerosis at only age 30, her parents, Carol and Roy Langsford, were driven to create the Trish Multiple Sclerosis Research Foundation. Upon our engagement, it became clear that despite having an ambitious roster of fundraising activities, committed volunteers and supporters they were hampered by the lack of a communication framework and a logo that was very similar to a large, national charity.

The Challenge

Clarifying their cause

The Trish MS Foundation is run solely by volunteers and works very closely with MS Research Australia and with scientific researchers to find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. Every dollar that is raised by the fundraising activities of the Foundation goes directly into this important research. As well as conceiving a logo that would become emblematic of their cause, it was important to develop a brand palette for the Trish MS Foundation that helped clearly communicate their active and direct contribution to the pursuit of a scientific breakthrough.

The Solution

Connecting hearts with minds

The rebranding positioned the Trish MS Foundation as the conduit between the MS fundraising and supporter community (the ‘hearts’) and the scientists searching for a cure (the ‘minds’). The ‘Big Hearts’ are denoted by purple in the palette, the ‘Best Minds’ through the use of yellow. All communications are benchmarked against the question ‘are we inspiring hearts and minds?’

“Your tremendous work for the Trish Foundation is making a great contribution to our funds for vital research projects. We are really indebted to you for your expertise, generosity, flair and professional contribution to our cause.”

Trish Multiple Sclerosis Research Foundation